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Terms and Conditions

the Blossom club Terms and Conditions

We try our best to price our workshops fairly and offer good value for money.

We therefore have a clear 14 day cancellation policy to ensure that we cover our costs and the ongoing viability of the workshop or class.

We do appreciate that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may mean that you can’t attend a workshop or class so we are happy for you to send along a friend to take your place should you need to change your booking with less than 7 days’ notice, we will need their name and contact details prior to the workshop.

If you contact us at least 7 days in advance of the start date of the workshop or class, then we can offer a transfer to the same workshop on an alternative date, providing there are places available or a workshop is planned. If there are no suitable future dates, we can provide a voucher to be used for a future workshop booking, or defer your payment renewal in the case of children’s classes.  Please note that there are no make-ups for missed sessions if the workshop is over more than one session. Please also note that for children's classes, we expect a minimum of 3/4 lessons to be regularly attended to maintain your space in class. When exceptional circumstances arise, we will make every effort to accommodate these.

Our right to cancel a workshop:

Should we need to cancel a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances, we will aim to give you as much notice as possible of the cancellation. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any liability for travel or other costs.

Our Policy On Photography

We love seeing you enjoying sewing and crafting, and it brings us real joy to see your photographs.

When attending a class or workshop we may ask for your verbal consent to take photographs. If you agree to photographs being taken they may be used for promotional purposes on our website, advertising, social media or on our makers gallery wall within our shop. You are under no obligation to be photographed, and should you make us aware you don’t wish to be photographed we will not photograph you.

If you share a photo on any social media, whether directly to one of our Sewisfaction pages, or by mentioning/tagging us, we will assume your consent for us to also share the image on our social media channels and/or website. We will never sell or provide your images to third parties and assume no rights over your images.

If you wish for a photograph of you to be removed from our website or social media please contact us via the details below and we will do this as soon as possible.

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