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Super fun courses and Workshops

We provide fun and engaging sewing and textile workshops to individual members and organisations within Solihull, local schools and charities. Our project design ensures a collaborative approach that reflects our diverse community whilst fundamentally developing creative skillsets.

We offer Sew Much Fun...

We provide educational workshops, for local schools within Solihull, encompassing elements of the Design and Technology National Curriculum objectives across both Key Stages 1 & 2. These fun filled projects are facilitated within the school setting or at The Blossom Club and ensure that sewing and textiles lie at the heart of everything that we do. Join is Sew-Much Fun!

Upcycling - We are anti-fast fashion

Resources have been donated to us that would otherwise be discarded to landfill. We provide a robust textile waste management service; receiving donations and processing and re-purposing fabrics to help the environment and encourage reuse.

News from the Blossom club

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